Fall in love with Autumn in Bear Lake Valley

Fall in love with Autumn in Bear Lake Valley

September is almost here. I really love September in Bear Lake Valley! Its like a shoulder month. Kind of quiet yet all the fun places that are open through the summer are still going. The weather is still nice and warm during the day. At night you can bring out the hoodies and get cozy.

In September, I really love scoping out the mountains. The leaves start changing colors. I recently went for a ride and saw the leaves are changing colors on some trees. Its fun to see the different seasons. The summer everything Is just so green and beautiful. But, something about fall makes you warm inside. I truly enjoy seeing the transition going on in the valley. I started scoping out places to find warm soup and hot drinks for those cooler mornings. No worries plenty of places will be open through the year serving hot drinks (pumpkin spice hot coco and chai tea yummy), hot soups for lunch, and of course your regulars will have fun things on their menus to make your tummies happy (giggles). One of my favorite must haves in the cooler months are Milky way Hot chocolates. Oh yah! It really makes your soul happy.

Anyway, enough of my gabbing let’s talk about fall and what to do here in this glorious time. If your looking for a Zen, tranquil time Bear Lake is the best. From camping to glamping, to a gorgeous hotel to a resort stay these local businesses are waiting to serve you and make sure you have a wonderful stay. Also, plenty of cabins in the area.  Make sure you bring your closet friends and family. The fun never stops in the mountains.


I recently went on a hike to Bloomington Lake. It was gorgeous. It was 1 mile to hike to the lake. Plenty of benches on the trail to rest on. But I couldn’t stop. The scenery was just to gorgeous.  I really loved the snowbank on the cliff side. Who would ever guess you would see snow in July? Ha-ha. Also, the calm water and the reflection was perfect. I sat by the water and watched the rainbow trout swim by. Pack your water and treats. When you get up there you will want to have a nice picnic and soak the sun.

Another place I really love is Hodges canyon. Bring you ATVs this canyon is filled with a amazing trail you will surely love. From a spectacular view of the lake. I really love the wooden bridges that cross the creeks. Very peaceful. I really enjoy the beautiful quaking aspen trees. They just give you those feel goods of the fall weather. There are some amazing trails that link into Hodges so definitely something to check out! Our office has some wonderful hiking trail maps free to the public so stop on by our office and we can give you one!

Georgetown Canyon is another one that is very beautiful. Take a nice ride and enjoy the view! This canyon is full of trees and beautiful wildlife. I really enjoyed cruising through and see the colorful leaves. It’s a wonderful canyon for hiking, biking, ATV and just driving around.

Paris Canyon is another one of those that is a must see. I really enjoy the drive up to the Ice Caves. Just to think that these caves were explored for hundred of years is amazing to me. I wonder what it was like to find such a gem in the mountains! Paris is home to the Paris Springs and Campground. Lots of fun awaits! Camping, fishing, biking the trails. Oh, and don’t forget to hike to Paris Springs! It’s a gorgeous five minute hike. Walk through the trees and you will find a amazing spring that flows down the mountains.

This fall we hope you explore this incredible valley! Its awaiting your arrival! Til next time everyone! Do not forget for more information please visit us at www.Bearlake.org