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Idaho Blue Bird in Bear Lake Utah

Bear Lake Valley Bird Watching

The entire Bear Lake Valley is a haven for birds of many species. The best place to go birding is at the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge which is located on the north shore of Bear Lake. Over 1,760 acres of marsh, open water and grasslands have been dedicated to preserving bird and wildlife habitats. The reserve is home to sandhill cranes, herons, snowy egret, white pelicans and a variety of ducks and geese species. The Refuge has one of the largest Canada geese producing areas in the western United States. Walking trails take you to view the birds and other wildlife found at the refuge.

Free Birding Trails in Southeast Idaho Brochure
As you drive along the shores of Bear Lake or along a nearby canyon road, don’t be surprised if you see mule deer in the early spring sampling the fresh green leaves and foliage. Perhaps you may spot a moose knee-high in a mountain creek or see trumpeter swans and pelicans floating on the lake. Bring along your binoculars and see what you can spot!