Enjoy Bear Lake this Winter

Enjoy Bear Lake this Winter

Winter is here! I always say the Winter brings a new level of energy to our hearts. I really love this time of the year. Thanksgiving is coming and we need to start planning where to go! I’ll tell you where, Bear Lake Valley! I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else.


Fun things to do

Pack your bags! Honestly the fun begins here in the valley. Nothing like a sunrise or sunset here in the valley! Waking up and capturing a sunrise through the lens is the best. But what’s great is we still have some warmer days where you can go on the lake and go fishing from land or in a boat. Love going across the lake in a boat! Nothing like catching a bear lake Monster! Just kidding! Catching a beautiful cutthroat is fantastic! My personal favorite is rainbow trout. They are so beautiful! But if you’re not wanting to boat and want to keep your feet on land no worries! Montpelier Reservoir, Cisco Beach, Rainbow Cove, casting from shore off the marina or North Beach area are great places to go fishing. If you have kiddies and or anyone who needs easy access, there is fishing the pond in Montpelier or Garden City pond as well! Both are planted with fish! Make sure you read the current fishing report on https://bearlake.org/fishing/  the fishing report will help you with tips on what to use to get your best fishing adventure!

If you’re not into fishing no worries plenty of great places to go hike! Take a walk across the beaches. Get your stretch by enjoying the Bear lake legacy Pathway. The pathway stretches a long way so you cannot beat the lake view and you may find yourself stopping and shopping at the some of the local shops. The weather is great for a morning or evening workout.

Oh, take nice ride around. This is a great time for bird watching. Bald eagles and hawks are great to see all around the lake. Especially the wildlife refuge. It’s a great place to go explore on a nice November day.

Snow is common so bring your snowshoes to get in the higher country! If the snow is in the valley. Head out to the Scenic Outlook and do some Nordic Skiing or fat biking!


Starting with lodging.

Who loves getaways? Honestly even if you are local sometimes it is nice just to stay in a hotel or cabin! The unique decor, to the fresh linens, to the great little details you will be wanting to stay in the valley or and over again!

Hotels are great! If your planning on seeing family here, you can get a great room at a great price and rest your head on when your ready for a nice snooze after all the yummy dinner you have had at your loved one’s homes!

Cabins are so nice! Soak up the rustic feels in a cabin. Bear Lake has a variety of small to big cabins for your family to stay in!

There are also homes you can rent as well. The holidays are a great time to have your family reunions. So, cook together in a big home and enjoy time with one another!

What’s so great about all the places to stay in the valley is that they all have wonderful views! From the views of the frosted trees, to views of the Bear Lake you really can’t go wrong where you stay in this incredible valley!


Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t love food? Many places stay open year-round and provide some great experiences! You have all these great locally owned restaurants and shacks all over the valley to really satisfy all your food addictions. You cannot go wrong. For the holidays I love that local places are open! So, no need to dirty the kitchen. Find pancake breakfasts to buffets with everything you would want! But if you’re like me and love to cook. Well plenty of places have homemade treats to help you skip a few steps. From homemade rolls to pies all the places in the valley will make sure your holiday is perfect for the whole family! Someone gives me some pumpkin pie please!

Go to https://bearlake.org/cat/food/

We have some great shops around the valley to find gifts for the whole family! Montpelier Idaho, Georgetown Idaho, and Paris Idaho will have Holiday lights throughout the town. Make sure you go see them at dark. Many Crafts fairs will be going on as well to buy local handcrafted gifts. Here in the Bear Lake Valley we really hope you bring your loved ones to experience holidays in paradise! It will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

For more information on booking your Holiday stay here in Bear Lake Valley make sure to visit our website. We have lots of specials and they change all the time. So make sure you check out the hot deals! https://bearlake.org/cat/deals/