Work From Here

Tired of choosing between mountains and the ocean? Allow us to introduce Bear Lake, the Caribbean of the Rockies. The sparkling blue water is foreground to rolling mountains, right on the border of two very ocean-less states. One visit will have you wishing you stayed longer, so why not Work From Here, remote at both the beach and the mountains? The backdrop here will have your co-workers asking if your Zoom background was pulled from the internet.  

Fiber internet runs strongly throughout town, so you’ll never be without a signal. Short-term rental rates are cheaper in the month of October. But here’s a secret—the water is warmer in the fall. Catch the last month of warmer water temperatures or hop on a pontoon boat and cruise the glassy lake. Endless trails await in the surrounding mountains for hiking and OHVing too. Choose your adventure or just let the gentle waters calm your mood as you Work From Here. 

Claim your paradise this fall and establish a remote office you’ll want to return to for seasons to come. The fall can signal a retreat indoors for many as they prepare for winter. With the calm turquoise waters outside your remote office window, make summer last just a little bit longer.