Bear Lake in May | An Itinerary

Bear Lake in May | An Itinerary

Spring is approaching Bear Lake, which means lingering snow showers and rising temperatures. It may be too early to go for a swim, but there’s an activity for every season in Bear Lake. A visit in May yields fewer crowds and more opportunities to immerse yourself in stunning scenery. You pick the dates, and we’ll plan the rest — we’ve got you covered. Check back each month for itineraries and things to do around Bear Lake.

Day 1
Arrive at 11:30 am and begin the day with lunch at Minnetonka Cafe. Grab a burger for some much-needed calories for trekking around Bear Lake.

1 – 3 pm
Take a 45-minute drive to Minnetonka Caves, one of the largest limestone caves in the state of Idaho. Tours of the cave begin on Memorial Day each year. Prepare for many stairs inside the cave and for temperatures around 40 degrees. A good pair of hiking boots and some gloves will go a long way, as the trail can be slick and the handrails icy cold. While hiking, look out for the five different species of bats that use the cave in the winter for hibernation. 

4 pm
Head back to Bear Lake to check in at Conestoga Ranch for a night of glamping.

4:30 pm
Catch a laugh at Pickleville Playhouse, Bear Lake’s destination for family fun. Shows begin in late May but check the season calendar for exact details. 

6 pm
Is it dinner time already? Summit Pizza awaits. Order some doodles alongside your pizza, and you won’t be sorry. These pillowy swirls filled with garlic butter and Wisconsin mozzarella are addicting.

7 – 8:30 pm
Talk a stroll on the boardwalk and wind down with a quiet walk on the beach. No trip to Bear Lake is complete without a raspberry shake. Find a local place and sample our famous berries. 

9 pm
Nothing beats an evening campfire with smores and roasted Starbursts. Never tried a Starburst over a fire? They’re crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Make it a first as you close out the day in front of the campfire.

Day 2

Start the day with some yoga by Whitney at Conestoga. Perform sun salutations in front of breathtaking morning views of the lake.

8 am
After stretching, get coffee and giant cinnamon rolls at the drive-thru at Moose Buns.

9 – 12 pm
Check out the marina and feed the fish, hungrily awaiting your arrival. Fish food is available at the Marina Grill pro-shop store. 

12 pm
Lunch is at Zips, where you’ll find the best chicken strips and fries.

1 pm
It’s beach time again. Check out the west side for relaxing and beautiful views.  

4 pm
Visit the shops around Bear Lake.

5:30 pm
Have an early dinner at Cooper’s before heading back home. Cooper’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is family-owned and operated and has great views of Bear Lake no matter where you sit.