Road Bike Trail Around Bear Lake

Bear Lake Road Bike Trail around the lake

Route Info:
US Highway 89 on the west side of the lake is mostly level, with small rolling hills and can be very congested on summer and holiday weekends. From Garden City, go south on Hwy. 30 to the outskirts of Laketown. Turn north on the county road, and continue as it bears left. Water and food are available in the towns, and there are restrooms and water at the state beaches and parks, as well as at several commercial campgrounds.

The entire ride offers a spectacular view of Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains and valleys, particularly in autumn. In all but the highest water years, it is easy to observe the Cisco Beach underwater cliff: the shelf goes out about 10 yards, then drops off to the deepest part of the lake, 206 feet. At the north end of the lake is Bear Lake National Wildlife Preserve, a popular stop on the migratory bird flyway. At the northeast corner of the lake, watch for a house built like the proverbial shoe. Plan on stopping in Garden City for fresh raspberry milk shakes.

Point of Departure:
Garden City Junction US 89 and Hwy. 30

52 mile loop

Season of Use:
Labor Day – Memorial Day. Roads are extremely busy during summer months.

Open to:
Bikes, hiking

Easy – Moderate


Garden City, Utah 84028


41.946606872745, -111.39335215459


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