Bear Trail-Road Bike Route

Bear Trail - Road Bike RouteRoute Information:
This ride is a paved trail that follows highway 30 from Harbor Village to Ideal Beach. It detours slightly to avoid the heavy seasonal traffic through Garden City. Follow the signs.

Facilities are available in Harbor Village and at Ideal Beach. Garden City also has amenities, and is located along the way. This ride allows wonderful views of the surrounding mountainside and some spectacular views of the lake. It is a nice, easy ride, good for the whole family There are numerous beaches, campgrounds along the way. Also, check out the Pickelville Playhouse for a Dutch-oven dinner and western theater in the summer.

Point of Departure:
Park at Ideal Beach or Harbor Village

Length: 4.5 miles

Season of Use:
Spring, Summer, Fall

Open to:
Bikes, hiking, horses



2176 S Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City 84028


41.9073763, -111.3797432