Coming for the Caribbean Cruze Motorcycle Rally? Stay One Day Longer.

Coming for the Caribbean Cruze Motorcycle Rally? Stay One Day Longer.

Coming to Bear Lake Valley for the Caribbean Cruze Motorcycle Rally? Extend your stay by coming a day earlier or leaving a day later and participating in the following activities.

Get on the Water

Enjoy the warm September water on Bear Lake. Either lounge on a beach or get on the water. Bring your own gear or rent a paddleboard, jet ski, or boat from a local outfitter. As a participant of the motorcycle rally, take advantage of FREE admission to the marina for all motorcycles. It’s an incredible photo opp!

Paris Ice Cave

Ride out to the Paris Ice Cave. Located just 20 miles from Garden City, Utah is Paris, Idaho and the beautiful Paris Canyon where you’ll find the Paris Ice Cave. The cave gets its name from the ice inside that never melts, even in the hottest of summers. Water and runoff descends from the surrounding hills into the cave, creating the ice formations. To get there, just follow the sign up Paris Canyon. 


Trade in your bike for an OHV and explore Bear Lake Valley’s forests, which will shimmer with fall this time of year. The Bear Lake Valley has hundreds of miles of ATV trails winding through its beautiful mountains in Utah and Idaho. You can find online and print maps here. Rent an OHV or take a tour with a local outfitter. 

Ride a Scenic Byway

Didn’t get enough riding in? Check out the fall colors along the Oregon Trail Scenic Byway. You may be familiar with the Oregon Trail from a famous and early computer game, but thousands of emigrants actually used this trail between 1843 and 1870 to travel from southwestern Idaho to the Willamette River Valley in Oregon.  With their possessions loaded in wagons pulled by oxen, they struggled across the dusty sagebrush- covered desert in search of a new home and a better life.