Bear Lake in August | An Itinerary

Bear Lake in August | An Itinerary

August is here, and you know what that means? With less than two months of summer remaining, it’s time to get to Bear Lake for fun in the sun before it’s too late. If you’re visiting in early August, you’re in for a real treat with our annual Raspberry Days Festival, which takes place August 3 – 5.

To help get you started, we compiled this three-day early-August itinerary filled with action, beautiful sites, great eats, and a festival unlike any other. 

Day 1
Arrive in Bear Lake at 11 am and head straight to the Raspberry Days Festival. Bear Lake is famed for the wildly tasty raspberries harvested in the area during early August, so much so that we have an entire festival dedicated to the season!  

11:30 am

After arriving at Raspberry Days and getting your bearings, make your way to the bingo area to win a prize to start your weekend off on a high note.

12 pm
After crushing it at bingo, hit the festival’s food trucks for awesome eats. 

1 pm
Now that you’ve had your food truck fill, it’s time to shop. Take enough time to see all the vendors and shop around to find the perfect memento from the Raspberry Days Festival.

2:30 pm 

A trip to Bear Lake would not be complete without one or several trips to the beach. Grab your beach gear, apply that sunscreen, kick back, and embrace the laid-back Bear Lake lifestyle. 

5 pm 

Time for a scrumptious dinner at Hometown Drive In. In the spirit of the festival, order one of their famous raspberry shakes to go with your handcrafted burger or chicken strip basket. Oh, and don’t forget Hometown’s award-winning fries. They are out of this world. 

6 pm 

Find a good spot to relax and experience the wonder that is the Raspberry Days Parade.

7:30 pm

Check into WaterDance for the weekend, and recharge for the two fun-filled days ahead. 


Day 2

7 am
Time to get up because you know the early bird gets the… raspberry? Rub the sleep out of your eyes and prepare for another glorious day in paradise. 

8:30 am

Who said vacations aren’t for exercising? Head back to the Raspberry Days Festival and get in some enjoyable and rewarding Zumba.  

9:30 am

Certainly, that Zumba class worked up an appetite. Time for breakfast at Ruca’s. Try the Ebelskivers, which are fluffy Danish pancake balls. Delicious!

10:30 am
Head up the canyon for unforgettable horse riding.

12:30 pm

Take a quick pit stop on the horse ride for lunch.

2:30 pm
Pop into Mike’s Market and grab supplies to make an impressive vacation dessert. 

3:00 pm
Make a dessert so good you feel compelled to write home about it.

5:30 pm
It’s time for the Bear Lake visitor pilgrimage to Bear Lake Pizza Co. Get your fill and maybe even save a few slices for the hotel.

6:30 pm
Go to the Laketown Raspberry Days Rodeo and continue celebrating Raspberry Days in style.

9 pm
Now that was a full day! Hit the hotel and get that much-deserved shuteye. 

Day 3

6 am
Rise early to squeeze the most out of your final Bear Lake day.

7:30 am
Lace up those running shoes and have a blast at the Raspberry Days 5K Fun Run.

9 am
After showing that 5K who’s boss, have breakfast at Beans & Brews Coffeehouse located inside Mike’s Market.

10 am
For good measure, visit the Raspberry Days Festival one last time.

11:30 am 

Have lunch at Campfire Grill at Conestoga Ranch, where classy and casual join forces for an amplified dining experience. 

12:30 pm 

Head home and start making plans for next year’s Raspberry Days Festival!