6 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Bear Lake Valley

6 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Bear Lake Valley

Bear Lake’s fame is closely connected to its beauty. Dubbed the "Caribbean of the Rockies," the lake’s strikingly blue water draws thousands of visitors every year. So it’s not a stretch to imagine this is an especially great place for snapping and sharing photos.

Of course, this little mountain valley is about more than its main body of water. The area has become a go-to destination for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, a raspberry festival, and, of course, all manner of water sports. So there’s limitless potential for documenting some truly beautiful images of landscapes, water, sunrises, sunsets, trail time, or cold beverages shared with friends and loved ones.

Here are a few particularly crowd-pleasing places to gather both photos and memories around the Bear Lake area.

1) Bear Lake Marina

The marina in is filled with colorful boats waiting to sail the lake. Edgar Zuniga Jr.

Boating is a big thing at Bear Lake, obviously. But there’s something so exciting about a marina with hundreds of boats resting in their slips—along with the bustle of motorboats and sailboats coming in and out throughout the day. The marina area makes for excellent strolling, especially if you’re a "boat person"—but even if you’re not. Try catching the light as the sun dips low in the evening and the water calms to a still. Sunsets in the background and boat masts in the foreground always make for an excellent, post-worthy shot.

2) On The Water

Tubing in Bear Lake. Kevin

The water at Bear Lake is indeed what makes the area famous—but locals say the water is constantly changing in color and surface, depending on the weather, the time of day, and time of year. Which makes nearly every moment of every day a little different. In the early mornings, the water is often glassy and still—then by the middle of the day, joyful jet-skiers and motorboaters slice through the water’s surface, whooping and hollering with fun. In the afternoon, the breeze kicks up and sailors get their fill as well, unfurling their sails in the steady wind.

Experiment with different times of day and types of shots—kids cannon-balling off the back of a boat, or the mirror-smooth water’s surface at sunrise.

3) At the Raspberry Days Festival

Raspberry picking can be a great summer activity. Courtesy of Bear Lake Valley CVB

Visit Bear Lake at the right time of year, and you’ll be rewarded with a sticky-sweet seasonal special: locally farmed raspberries. And late-summer, there’s always a multi-day Raspberry Days Festival to commemorate. The ensuing small-town excitement is a delight to document—there’s a rodeo, pageant, dances, and of course, lots and lots of fresh raspberry treats. Try checking out multiple events during the festival if you can. The variety—and people-watching—are hard to beat. And of course, you can always photograph basket after basket of ruby-red berries (before devouring them).

4) At Conestoga Ranch

You may have heard of glamping—and you may laugh at the notion. But you can’t knock it till you try it. And take our word for it: If you try it, you’ll be hooked. Conestoga Ranch is a delightful cluster of white canvas tents with cozy beds, rugs, chairs, and outdoor seating. Several include fire pits, and you can even stay inside a covered wagon tent.

Kids go nuts for it, and adults secretly (or not so secretly) love sleeping in a well-appointed version of their own childhood forts. Around sundown, the tents and wagons light up, and the glow from within is a pure delight to photograph.

5) On Rendezvous Beach

You can't get much better than Rendezvous Beach and the great view for an afternoon in the sun. Kevin

Yes, there are beaches in Utah—and as Rendezvous Beach proves, there are very good beaches indeed. Scene of mountain men’s get-togethers generations ago, Rendezvous is a lively and popular spot on summer weekends and quiets down substantially in the cooler seasons. Snap shots of kids making sand castles, stand-up paddleboarders venturing out to the water, families chowing down on picnics, and waves lapping the sandy shore.

6) In Logan Canyon

Walk in, around, and on top of the Wind Cave in Logan Canyon. Alan Cressler

Any visit to Bear Lake would be incomplete without an adventure up in Logan Canyon. This long, winding mountain canyon west of the lake offers dozens of excellent hiking trails, mountain biking trails, rock climbs, and a family-run ski resort. Which means that whatever season it is, there’s always something beautiful to look at—a rushing stream, a whooshing bike, a grove of golden-hued autumn aspens, or a wintry ski scene. Set aside a day or two to explore Logan Canyon’s trails and vistas—you’re guaranteed to find a piece of the great outdoors worth capturing with your camera.

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